Collage 2

Collage 2

A brown butterfly sits on a golden yellow flower on a surreal sand-dune set in an alternate world. A digital collage by Designer Don.

Collage 2 - a digital collage by Designer Don

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Photoshop Collage: Tidal Wave

Photoshop Collage: Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

Photoshop collage by Designer Don, depicting an apocalyptic tidal wave scenario in an imaginary shoreline city.

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House on a Hill – Before & After

I took this photo of a house on a hill with an iPhone. Typically with small cameras in low-light conditions, they don’t capture much of the target detail, so this is where we need to do a little bit of photoshopping to get the results we want.

See the before and after photos below and if you like the results, please share!

House on a Hill – Before:

House on a Hill - Before

and here’s the result, looking little more like it would in real life:

House on a Hill – After:

House on a Hill - After

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