Cathedral Six: An abstract geometric artwork resembling stone and glass from a cathedral structure

Cathedra: Stone, Glass, Geometric Art Series

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Cathedra: A geometric artwork series, featuring works resembling stone and glass from a cathedral structure.

Cathedra: A geometric artwork series, featuring works resembling stone and glass from a cathedral structure.

The inspiration for this series comes from the ancient architecture of a church or cathedral. The stained glass windows and stone architecture of these buildings were the muse for this geometric artwork series. The stained glass windows in particular inspired the shape of the geometric designs in this series.

In the stained glass windows of a church or cathedral, you will often see geometric shapes that are repeated throughout the window. These shapes can be seen as symbols that represent different things. For example, a triangle can be a symbol of faith. The stained glass window becomes even more meaningful when you consider the colour of each piece of glass. In a typical stained glass window, the bright, vibrant colours of the glass will often correspond to a theme.

Inspired by past glories such as the Cathedrals of Britain and France, this series contemplates the modern expression of Christian influence in architecture, if it were represented in today’s “enlightened” society.

This series asks if the culture of the past if it were given a fresh expression in today’s world, could provide a meaningful platform for expression.

We are constantly presented with popular culture, and though it may not seem like it, we have a choice about whether or not we participate. Popular culture may be defined as “the arts, ways of life, and social activities predominant in a given society at a given time”.

As custodians of art we have a choice about how we participate in popular culture. We can passively accept the status quo, or actively shape it by giving it a fresh expression by drawing on the past to inform the future.

The creative process is a dialogue between the artist and their materials. By engaging with art, we can learn about ourselves and each other and discover new ways of being together. Art is a mirror that reflects our world back at us, and it can also be a window through which we can see something beyond our own experience. Art can be a catalyst for social change when it expands our awareness of each other and ourselves.

Cathedra: Reference

A Cathedra is a bishop’s throne, a bishop being a Christian clergyman of high authority. Cathedral belong inside Cathedrals and in Great Britain, for a settlement to be considered a City, it must have a Cathedral in it.

The word Cathedra comes from the latin word for Armchair. It was adopted by bishops after the 4th Century.


The architecture of Cathedrals is always inspiring. Such beauty and detail crafted centuries ago (in many cases) shows what man is capable of when determined and in possession of a will to create.

Cathedra is an abstract, geometric artwork series created by Designer Don and released on the web for preview on 21st March 2021. For info on how to purchase prints, merchandise or to use in your own projects, please contact us.

Cathedra on the web:

Cathedral – Wikipedia

A cathedral is a church that contains the cathedra (Latin for ‘seat’) of a bishop, thus serving as the central church of a diocese, conference, or episcopate. Churches with the function of “cathedral” are usually specific to those Christian denominations with an episcopal hierarchy, such as the Catholic, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, and some Lutheran churches. Church buildings embodying the functions of a cathedral first appeared in Italy, Gaul, Spain, and North Africa in the 4th century, but cathedrals did not become univ…

Wikipedia · Text under CC-BY-SA license

What is a Cathedral?
[1250–1300; Middle English < Late Latin cathedrālis (ecclesia) a cathedral (church). cathedral. A Christian church which is also the seat of a bishop and hence the center of a diocese.

Cathedra – definition of cathedra by The Free Dictionary

Define cathedracathedra synonyms, cathedra pronunciation, cathedra translation, English dictionary definition of cathedra. n. pl. ca·the·drae 1. A bishop’s official chair or throne. 2. The office or see of a bishop. 3. The official chair of an office or a position, as of a…

Cathedra | Definition of Cathedra by Merriam-Webster

Cathedra definition is – a bishop’s official throne. Recent Examples on the Web Biden, who stayed overnight at Blair House, a building across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, road briefly in a motorcade to the cathedra along a route guarded by hundreds of National Guard troops. — Joey Garrison, USA TODAY, “Joe Biden attends Mass at Cathedral of St. Matthew, site of JFK funeral and …


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