Daily Abstract – 25th June 2019

Your Daily Abstract for 25th June 2019. An abstract, geometric, alien life form galaxy artwork by Designer Don. Please share if you liked it!

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Daily Abstract - 25th June 2019


Hellcrowd – Collage Art by Designer Don

Hellcrowd is a surreal piece of digital collage art by Designer Don, comprising geometric, rock-like textures and an archway with a crowd of people walking towards a hellish courtyard in the deepest, darkest parts of the underworld. Please share if you like it!

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Hellcrowd - 19th June 2019


Are these people willing or coerced participants in the journey? What horrors await inside, or are they about to find salvation? Hellcrowd was produced by Designer Don on 19th June 2019. Please contact me if you want to purchase an unwatermarked print or digital copy for yourself.

Daily Abstract – 18th June 2019

Your Daily Abstract for 18th June 2019: An abstract, geometric artwork by Designer Don, featuring a range of contrasting colours, with a wood-block texture that lifts it into an almost photo-real state. Please share if you like it!

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Daily Abstract - 18th June 2019


Daily Abstract – 15th June 2019

“Astral 1″ is your Daily Abstract for the 15th June 2019. A combination of abstract geometric shapes and textured backgrounds creates a space craft-like composition against the backdrop of a deep galaxy. Hope you like it!

Please share if you think it’s cool…

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Daily Abstract- 15th June 2019


The full piece is available for download via Pexels and Unsplash for anyone looking to add it to their collection, or use it as part of another project.