Mount Fuji Flypast

A flock of birds conduct a flypast of Mount Fuji in this digital collage by Designer Don.

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Mount Fuji Flypast


Find out more about Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji (富士山, Fujisan) is with 3776 meters Japan’s highest mountain. It is not surprising that the nearly perfectly shaped volcano has been worshiped as a sacred mountain and experienced big popularity among artists and common people throughout the centuries. Mount Fuji Wiki

Mount Fuji is an attractive volcanic cone and a frequent subject of Japanese art especially after 1600, when Edo (now Tokyo) became the capital and people saw the mountain while traveling on the Tōkaidō road. Mount Fuji Travel Guide

Mount Fuji, with its graceful conical form, has become famous throughout the world and is considered the sacred symbol of Japan. Among Japanese there is a sense of personal identification with the mountain, and each summer thousands of Japanese climb to the shrine on its peak. Mount Fuji Facts

Skater Jump: Digital Collage

Skater Jump: A digital collage depicting a skateboarder leaping over an abstract architectural structure, set against a summer sky.

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Skater Jump digital collage


Iced Clay: Daily Abstract – 11th June 2019

Your Daily Abstract for 11th June 2019 is Iced Clay: A painterly abstract digital artwork in earthy, organic tones, punctuated by snowy, rock-like details & textures. An original abstract digital artwork by Designer Don.

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daily abstract - 11th June 2019


Hope you like it. Please share with your friends if you think it’s worthy of them seeing it.

Daily Abstract [Gallery] – 10th June 2019

Your Daily Abstract for 10th June 2019 is a gallery featuring a series of geometric abstract artworks by Designer Don.

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This set of geometric abstract tiles is for an art-deco style porcelain tile pattern. Imagine on the floor or wall as either a tile border or feature wall in a contemporary living room, kitchen or bathroom and you get the idea.

Daily Abstract – Moon Magic – 9th June

Your Daily Abstract returns for the 9th June with Moon Magic: A collage of photos and geometric art inspired by moon light and moon aesthetic.

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Moon Magic


A full moon in the night sky with neon light shapes surrounding it like a halo of moon magic.

Kinetic Quest – Art For Sale

Well, my artwork finally made it off the screen and into the real world.

I took the big step and got Kinetic Quest (the artwork that kicked off a series of Daily Abstract artworks on, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) printed.

Kinetic Quest is one of my favourite abstract geometric pieces that I’ve produced so far. I don’t know whether it’s the colours, the shapes, or a combination that give this piece that ‘certain something’… The X factor that makes me want to stop and stare. It has a calming effect on me. A really nice piece, if I do say so myself.

In any case, Kinetic Quest was sent to print and has now arrived back, being listed on a hastily put together Etsy Store and my own long-standing, but barely used these days – Ebay account.

Links to the stores where you can buy Kinetic Quest are after the gallery below:

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Kinetic Quest is available as an A4 Print, an A5 Greeting Card (with fancy Gold Envelope & cellophane sealy-bag, no less!) and an A6 Postcard (with a tidy little white envelope).

Printed on high quality paper/card, with matt lamination to fend off light reflection.

Ultra rare & strictly Limited Edition, with only 50 of each available in the whole world.

Get yourself over to one of these links to buy and please tell your friends, family, colleagues and internet followers about them. It would really mean the world to me to get shot of these and have enough to make another run to the printers with a new limited edition design.



Who knows, if it goes really well I might even build a Designer Don Shop for a range of great products… 

All the best and happy shopping! 

Everlasting Spirit

Everlasting Spirit: A tribute to the greatest of all men.

To commemorate the greatest generation of brothers, fathers, husbands and sons from the greatest free nations on earth, who fought, died and survived for all our freedom and who 75 years ago today, broke the tyranny of evil at Normandy.

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Everlasting Spirit


Thank you all, the thousands upon thousands of you, for your unflinching sacrifice, that we may be free in your honour and because of your unsurpassed courage in the face of unspeakable ill.

This piece entitled Everlasting Spirit, is for all the heroes of D-Day – then, now and evermore. We owe you everything and we will never, ever forget.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Launch Promo: Urban Tiles

A graphic design for the launch of a new website aimed at tradespeople interested in tiles & paving for their work. Urban Tiles is a new UK tiles & paving distributor in the UK. As part of the launch of their new website, I produced this launch promo piece for social media, to announce the arrival of the new brand.

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Urban Tiles Launch Promo


The launch promo is a digital collage and photo manipulation, with a little digital art and finessing thrown in, to create a prominent, memorable image that people would enjoy for its fun nature, but also take away the fact that it’s a professional outfit that is aiming to make a big impact.