About Us

The Business Link Directory was established in 2022 by creative professional Designer Don as a place where local businesses connected with the Design, Arts and Crafts worlds can list their businesses and websites to gain exposure from new audiences.

The directory will also feature relevant and relevant ads for local businesses to get their foot in the door to new customers, as time progresses, offering even more value. 

To be listed in the directory, businesses are required to follow certain standards, including the posting of a bio, a picture of their website, and a link to their website.

Directory Objectives

The aim is to help creative people thrive from new leads as a result of reaching people who are already looking for what they are offering, but might never have come across them otherwise - a key source of frustration in the creative industries!

What is the business link directory?

The Business Link Directory is a free listing tool that will be upgraded to offer more potential by subscribing to our annual plans, shortly. 

We know that choosing the right marketing mix for your business isn’t as easy as choosing between a print or digital ad. It’s important to consider the value a particular piece of marketing might have for your particular business, but it’s even more critical to consider the value that particular marketing mix has for your particular industry. 

With the ability to be listed in multiple search engines, the Business Link Directory helps you to reach more potential customers with a single click. The more potential customers you have, the more likely you are to be successful in your sales goal.

From free business listings to prime position adverts, responsive websites and SEO services. We offer business owners a suite of digital marketing products to maximise the presence of their business online. 

Using the directory

Simply browse through the business link directory to find the contact information for any of the businesses listed, so you can make an informed decision about who to hire.  To list your business, register and verify yourself to get access to the free listing tools in your account dashboard. Happy listing!