Daily Abstract - 27th Feb 2019

I offer a range of services to clients of all types and organisations of all sizes, from most industry sectors. If you’d like to commission or retain me for any of the below, please fill out the quick form at the bottom of the page, with some details of what you’re looking for.

Web Design

I build marketing & e-commerce websites. I’ve been developing sites and online stores since 2002 and have vast experience in building web design solutions that are fun to use, easy to navigate and are, at their core, focused on delivering the goals of my clients’ business growth plans.

Graphic Design

I produce graphical materials for print and use online. Whether it’s a business card, retouching photos for use on websites, or producing advanced designs for use in large-format print projects such as vehicle livery & signage. I’ve been working in graphic design professionally since 2005 and have completed 1000s of works across the graphic design spectrum.

Web Marketing

I run a retainer-based web marketing service for businesses and organisations to outsource their online marketing efforts. Be it SEO, social media, email marketing or a mix of them all, I produce all content in-house and work with stakeholders to assess the goals, in order to develop captivating and effective lead generation, audience engagement and brand awareness online.

Print Marketing

I produce adverts for the printed press, from newspapers to magazines, and offer a range of design services to create memorable, brand-building brochures, leaflets and flyers, with in-house tools designed to produce high quality, visually impacting works that grab peoples’ attention and drive enquiries into my clients businesses.

Abstract Digital Art

Whether it’s for personal satisfaction, or for a memorable business advert, I produce abstract digital artworks on commission for individuals, companies and organisations of all types. Abstract digital artwork is brilliant for standing out and provoking a reaction from your target audience, equally as it is pleasing and enjoyable to gaze at when framed and up on the wall in your home. If you like my work, you can buy prints, cards and posters in my online store, launching soon.

Photo retouching

I produce enhanced imagery for customers of all types, whether it’s for rescuing an under-exposed shot, or creating a unique artwork using a photo as the basis.

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